We are on a mission to save the home of the inventor of the saltine cracker, Frank L. Sommer. Located in St. Joseph, Missouri, this structure is in danger of being completely lost and the history along with it. Part of our desire is to not only save a piece of history, but to create a place that the community can use and be proud of.

Want to get involved with the Cracker House Project?

Great! We want this project to involve the community from start to finish! There are currently two ways you can get involved:

The first way you can get involved is to Donate!

Unfortunately, projects like this cost money. LOTS of money! However, the end result will be well worth it both in terms of historic preservation and continuing community impact. We are a 501c3 organization, so your donations are tax deductible! 

The second way you can get involved is to share our story on social media! Please visit our Facebook Page, like us and share it with your friends! We will do our best to keep the page updated frequently as well as uploading pictures/videos of progress, so check it out! 

We will update this page as well as the Facebook Page as often as possible with construction progress as well as upcoming fundraising/ publicity events!

914 Main Street

Saint Joseph, MO 64501

​Corporate Address:

409 N 22nd Street

Saint Joseph, MO 64501

Phone: 816-646-7877